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NetTPS™ is quite unlike other ways to understand individual differences, because it focuses on people's values, not their personality traits.

NetTPS™ covers :

personal values
deep beliefs
inner choices

It gives access to :

core values
hot buttons
blind spots

It opens people's minds to :

habitual assumptions
untapped possibilities
areas for growth

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NetTPS™ focuses on the future to help people discover unused and unexplored options.

NetTPS™ focuses on awareness — the first step to greater satisfaction, self-esteem and joy: the power to avoid mistakes and seize opportunity.

NetTPS™ will help your clients align their lives with their innermost desires.

NetTPS™ builds excitement and leads to that state of "flow" where effort is effortless.

NetTPS™ encourages you to develop conscious choice: the only effective basis for effective learning and growth.

NetTPS™ lets individuals and teams see how their automatic habits of thinking and action are blocking their ability to grow and develop.

There has been a shift in the direction of personal success that is having a major impact on individuals and corporations. That shift is about time, not money. People today believe it is more important to have fulfilling work that leaves them time to enjoy the other things in life than earn the maximum salary, if that comes at the expense of work/life balance.

Such changes in basic values lie at the heart of motivation, staff retention, and work satisfaction. To be able to coach effectively, you need immediate access to the basis of personal choice in a changing world.

We invite you to join a professional community of certified coaches and business consultants who use the NetTPS™ system to give them swift access to their clients' deepest drivers of behavior and relationships.

NetTPS™ gives your practice a cutting edge via a skillful process for helping people open their minds to explore and realize their purpose in life; and to create ways to devote their energy where it will benefit them most. It will show you how to help people step into their values and thus enable them to experience fuller, more satisfying working lives.

For more information, contact us at:
ph // 949.681.8411
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fax // 949.681.8363
email // martine@nettps.com

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